Our documentation is formed of living documents which have updates often. Whenever a feature or documentation is changed we'll add notes to the bottom explaining the changes. BookingNinja is an incredibly powerful resource and as such it can feel a little overwhelming when first getting started with the documentation - with that in mind here are some of the more common questions we receive, and where in the documentation it might help! | What | Where | | ---- | ---- | | I want to close my venue on a given date | [[Venue Closures]] | | I want to get alerted to new bookings | [[Notifications]] | | I need to open when I'm normally closed | [[Effective Dates]] | You'll note on many of the documentation pages there is a "Interactive Graph". From this graph you can find other documentation pages that might help for the topic you are looking into. ### Remember, we're here to help! Can't find the documentation you need? No worries - just drop us a message on Live chat or via email and we'll be more than happy to help.